Black, Gifted & Whole is a revolutionary attempt to change the collective narrative of Black Queer men. Our mission is to empower, educate and mobilize Black Queer men by acknowledging, celebrating and affirming their whole selves. 

We believe that Black gay men are multifaceted and deserve a multi-pronged approach when being engaged. We believe that Sexual Health + Higher Education + Access to Resources can drastically affect the trajectory of their lives. We gain access to young Black Queer men while in High School or College, assess their needs, aspirations and sexual health awareness in order to connect them to reputable community resources (Healthcare, College Scholarships, Internships, University/College LGBTQ Resources, etc).

We provide our College Ambassadors with emotional and financial assistance. 

Because racial inequities exist and because we are determined to close the gap between Sexual , Emotional  and Educational Wellness for other Black Queer men.


Among men, Blacks have the lowest well-being in the U.S. (Gallup 2015)

Young Black queer males evaluate their own lives far lower than young non-blacks (Pew Research Center 2013)

More than four out of five LGBQ/T students of color reported verbal harassment in school because of sexual orientation and approximately two-thirds because of gender expression. At least a third of LGBQ/T students of color reported physical violence in school because of sexual orientation (GLSN 2011)

Today the 105 HBCUs enroll 11% of Black students in the United States, yet they represent less than 3% of colleges and universities in the country (NCES, 2011)

Black male students are often comparatively less prepared than are others for the rigors of college level academic work (Bonner II & Bailey, 2006; Loury, 2004; Lundy-Wagner & Gasman, 2011; Palmer, Davis, & Hilton, 2009)



Commitment to Success

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