LGBTQ Nonprofit Launches National Mentoring Campaign for Black Male Students

When Black Gay Men Uplift Black Gay Men, We Will All Win
— George Johnson (Co-Founder & VP)

Immediate Release

In an effort to strengthen a community and build up a new generation of achievers; the Black, Gifted and Whole Foundation aims to inspire social change with the launch of their HBCU Scholarship Ambassador Program, where selected students will receive financial support and mentoring throughout their college matriculation.

The goal of this program is to create a structure equipped with strategies that assist with the elimination of systematic barriers for the Black gay/ queer men in their pursuit of obtaining life skills before entering the workforce. Thus creating ambassadors who will, in turn, pay it forward and uplift their fellow brethren, completing the vision of what it means to be Black, Gifted & Whole

Founding President, Guy Anthony, states "Black, Gifted & Whole is a call-to-action for not only Black gay men, but for all Black people to love themselves in spite of. To celebrate themselves in spite of, and to recognize that each of us, on any given day, could very well become a martyr in America just for being Black."

The foundation will award up to 5 students across the United States, who have been accepted to a Historically Black College or University, with their Presidential Scholarship. This payment will be made directly to the university/institution to help offset the tuition cost, money for books, and a yearly stipend for food. The 2017-2018 scholarship recipients will be announced at the 2nd Annual Scholarship Gala to be held this summer.

“This generation of students regardless of sexual orientation deserves the same opportunities, a chance to learn, to explore, and to know what’s at their reach. In the end, the passions and skills they develop through higher education will only serve us all for years to come.”

Interested in learning more about the Scholarship Ambassador Program and how to get involved please visit BlackGiftedWhole.Org

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